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After submission the final doco,  the research on the community is well done despite the problem that have during the doco making process. As I’ve been researching about “The V’s”  all the problem that they’ve face like other urban communities in this world, they still survive and keep going now.

Getting the material where time management and compiling everything were a bit hassle till the end. The music that I’ve included in the doco has the free permission by the artist  as it has been stated through the website.

Through this studies and research on the community that I’ve chosen, It discovered deeper on the community  and how they works things together to keep their relation together and bonded to each other. From here mutual understanding arise to build a good relationship among each other. Eventhough it is a big matter in order to solve the problem as it is not easy where I’ve put higher respect to the community management how they worked so hard to keep the team.


This Penguin Photostory is one of example of doco that use similar techniques with my doco. Eventhough this doco is a simple doco but the introduction have the strong elements on how the person relates the image with the message that the person wanted to tell to the viewer.

As I’m using still images, voice and text, this doco give a guideline and picture on how am I suppose to produce the doco.

The elements of  “This Is Spinal Tap and Borat” does not really show a documentary which is more like a short film especially “Borat”. Somehow the “This Is Spinal Tap” have a good introduction where the narrator speak up and tells about the background of himself and what exactly he do and produce.

The elements of this doco “This Is Spinal Tap” could attract the viewer and much more interesting where they divide into few part e.g Spinal Tap performance, the public interview and interview on Spinal Tap itself. From here we can see the art of the doco with different places and different people that involve in order to make the doco alive. Basicly it has strong introduction and strong elements in the doco which it brought the real meaning of “This Is Spinal Tap”.

Compared to “Borat”, the colour of the doco itself not enough bright and more like a dull images and graphic which it is not an eye catchy. People or audience might get bored with it and even the content itself does not really attractive and interesting.

Cyber Bullied

  • the cyber bullied documentary that has been shown and produced by  Nichol’s basically on “reflexive mode” where the director has been observed the matter and study the matter to get engage from the beginning till the end in order to get the exact situation that happened. It is all about finding the truth.
  • There are diversity on this doco as there are different types bullied in this doco.
  • This situation has brought the emotions through out the matter especially when “child in room with computer” which is an interesting part that shows how its start.
  • The director does not allowed any positive opinion as it has been set up and conclude by him.
  • I feel manipulated by this doco as the director has been frightening the surrounding from this doco as the situation or the role play that has been showed scared kids, children and even the parents as they do not want their children get into this trouble.

As has been advised by Jenny on producing documentary,

which it will be hard if  I keep on doing the same thing like I’ve planned before,

I’ve made changes on my production where the elements for my documentary will be:

  • Still pictures ( previous was moving images )
  • Audio ( music )
  • Few shoots and voice recording during interviews

As an update I will start doing my interviews on this saturday 24th April ’10 & 25th April ’10.

Cheers !


1. What is the community that you will make your documentary?

I will focus on Futsal (soccer) team  The V’s which is the members are students from Malaysia that study in Melbourne.

2. Why do you think it is a community?

The V’s is a community because the team meet each other every week, communicate and interact each other. From there, they start build up the community.

3. What theory about community have you read that is relevant to issues in this community?

Urban community as the population keep on changing when the team members go back to Malaysia for good by the end of the  study period.

4. Are you in agreement or disagreement with these ideas?


5. How can you use these ideas in your documentary?

The issue that keep on happening to this community would be the major concern in order to built up the documentary. The main point of this documentary is study about Urban Community where the population keep on changing and no one knows exactly the amount of community. People come and goes in certain period, from there it will arising problem. How to manage the community and how to fill up the community as replacement for those members who left the community.

For instance people who live in student accommodation, for certain period the students will leave the student accommodation and the place will be replaced so do this futsal team The V’s, but to get back the new members it will hard and problem as lots of thing need to do in order to choose and select the new player. As we know not all woman or girls loves to play futsal (soccer ). Some might interest but don’t really know how to play. Here the documentary will study how the community do and how they face those situation in order to maintain the community alive and stronger.

6. What is the structure of the documentary? (This could be a short treatment of the way you see your documentary unfolding)

The structure for the documentary will be still images from The V’s together with interviews by 2 group members.

This documentary will be updated in this blog and uploaded on my Facebook and The V’s Facebook as well so it can be viewed to my friends and youtube  in order to publicize the group.

7. What is the style of the documentary? (You can refer to documentary theory if you know it; if you don’t, discuss how you see the relationship between you the documentary maker and your subject, and how that will influence the work you produce. Examples of other documentaries will be relevant)

The documentary will be participatory documentary, which is I am part of the community. As I am part of the community,

I face the problem in the community where the same issues keep on coming and arise when the group members finished their study.


8. What type of media will your documentary consist of?

Audio, Still Images and Text

9. Given that your documentary will be published online, how will you tailor production and post-production to be appropriate?

I will create and edit this documentary on photoshop and Imovie.

10. What are your skills in making this style of media?

I have skills in photography as photography is part of my life. However, my skills could be improved from this documentary making or process as i will learn more during the process.

11. Are you enlisting the help of any crew during the production phase of your documentary?


12. Will you need to borrow technical equipment from the School techs? If yes, what do you want to borrow? When do you want to borrow it?

Yes, I will. I need an external microphone and headphones to record the interviews on 3rd and 4th May 2010.


13. What talent do you need to get release forms signed for?

I need several copies to be signed by the interviewees

14. Are you going to interview any minors?

No minors.

15. Do you need permission to shoot on location?



16. What software do you need to edit your documentary?

Adobe Photoshop and Imovie

17. Do you have sufficient skills with that software?


18. Do you have sufficient access to that software?

Yes and  will be using my own computer.


19. What social software environment will you publish your documentary to?

I plan to publish on my blog, Facebook and YouTube.

20. Is the media you are creating appropriate for that environment?

Yes, it is. Facebook and YouTube have been uploading great number of video already.

21. Have you become a member of that environment?

Yes, I am a member of Facebook and You Tube

22. Have you done a ‘test’ publication?

No, never.

23. Does the environment stipulate any limits that you will need to meet?

Yes, where facebook the limit is 1024mb & under 20 minutes while

YouTube limit up to 2gb size and up to 10 minutes


24. Have you got copyright permission for all the content you use?

I plan to create all of material by myself. If I use any images or music which needs permission, I will mention it at the documentary.

25. There is no defamation or slander?


26. Any other legal issues?

Non of any legal issues.


27. What are the most likely things that could go wrong with your project?

As I’m going to do by myself, I am afraid of my skills in the production.

I have to fully discuss this matter with the team mates together will person that I will be will be interviewing .

28. What is your back-up plan if these things occur?

I will make double copy (save in another storage) of all of the images that I will capture and audio that i will record in case of anything goes wrong such as file corrupt or missing.


29. What is the date of your rough-cut showing?

Week 11. Friday 21st May 2010

30. What is the final due date?

Week 12. Friday 28th May 2010

31. When do you intend to start production?

I will start capturing the pictures on the 25th April 2010,

While the interviewing on 3rd and 4th May 2010.

32. When do you intend to start post-production?

Sunday 16th May 2010.

33. Given your production start date, have you already booked any technical equipment you need?

Yes I did.

34. How do these dates work in with assessment deadlines from other courses?

As I’m in final semester, I will spend much more time on my thesis. It should be big problem for me to produce this documentary as the community is among my friends.

35. If you are using talent, does their availability suit your production schedule?

Yes, as most of them does not have tight schedule. It is easy for me to fit in them into the production schedule.


a) One sentence defining your community

Futsal (soccer) team, with a group members of Malaysian students who study in Melbourne.

b) One sentence defining the issue you want to explore

How the team manage the situation when the group members finishing their studies in Melbourne

and how the team manage when the team lack of players during the game e.g (injury, unwell)

c) One sentence defining the conflict

Choosing team members might be hard in order to build up chemistry between the members.

d) One sentence outlining relevant social theory

social abilities, socialization, globalization

The documentary will be using video, text, stills and audio files…

In order to complete this documentary there will be few interviews

on the team members (The V’s) …